1. What is Examination Support?

Institute Exams are taken after students of our online PTM and PFTM Video Series’ have covered all study material and are ready to be tested on their knowledge. Exams are multiple choice and are taken online at the convenience of the student. In the education section of the Institute website https://www.itpm.com/education/ – Subscribers can access their exam(s) at any point in time whilst they have access to their Video Series’. Subscribers must follow the links available when logging in. Institute exams are only for students that have subscribed to the Institutes Online Video courses the Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) Video Series and / or the Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM) Video Series. More information can be found about these courses by reading the FAQs document entitled Institute Online Educational Courses FAQs.

As a PTM and / or PFTM subscriber, once you have covered all of the material in your Video Course you have the option to apply for Exam Support via the Institute website here; –

Exam Support consists of two hours of dedicated support from the Institutes Statistical Analyst Christopher Quill and covers all your outstanding questions on the material you are having difficulty understanding within the content of your Video Series. The two hour coverage includes one hour of answered questions within a word document and a one hour telephone call to go over the answers.

2. How do I best prepare for my Examination Support Session?

The best way to prepare for your Exam Support session with Christopher Quill is to firstly create a Word document and to type out all of the outstanding questions you have about the content of the Video Series that you do not understand. At the Institute, we encourage you to be a self-learner and we literally teach you how to find answers for yourself. Before you begin writing your questions, you should try to find the answers yourself in the corresponding Video Series’ and by doing your own research. If you cannot find the answer yourself then we will be able to help you. However, please do make sure you attempt to find the answers yourself first. The Word document questions you send to the Institute for your Exam Support have a strict restriction of two pages of questions (font size 11). This is to provide discipline to the learning process and to ensure that you learn for yourself as much as you possibly can and do not have to rely on us or third parties to constantly obtain your answers / information in the financial markets.

Once you have done this you can then apply for your Exam Support. Christopher Quill will then get in touch with you (usually within a few working days) requesting that you send the Word document with your questions to a specific email address. You must include in your application for Exam Support your full and correct name, the email address that you have registered on the Institute website and your full and correct telephone number including international dialling code. This is so that we can first verify that you are actually a student of the Institute that is currently studying Institute Video material.

Once you have sent your Word document, Christopher Quill will spend one hour answering all of your questions in the Word document by typing out the answers under each question you have sent us. This new document will be no more than five pages of a Microsoft Word document and this will be sent back to you with a request to schedule a one hour telephone call with Chris to go over the answers in the document. The best way to prepare for this is to firstly make sure you are available to take calls during normal working hours in the week following the week that you receive the Word document with answered questions. This way we can ensure a timely scheduling of the call whilst the questions and answers are fresh in your mind, along with the rest of the content of your video course(s). This means you will not forget the information or “go stale” committing the content to long term memory. This will maximise your chances of a high mark in the Exam. Once your call is scheduled with Chris, you should then go over the document you have received and write down anything else you do not understand to best prepare for the call.

On your scheduled call, you will then have the opportunity to go over the questions that have been answered in the Word document and iron out any more minor issues / questions you have remaining. Once this is done and if you adhere to the process strictly, you will have maximized your potential to get an optimal score in the exam.

3. Will there be Spreadsheet work involved in my Examination Support Session?

Of course! If you need help with process, spreadsheet creation or functionality you must also add these questions to your Word document before applying for Exam Support and sending it to Chris. Try to be concise in the issues you are having in the excel processes that we teach. You must bear in mind that attempting to explain multiple issues you are having in excel within two pages of Microsoft Word will cannibalise space. Therefore you must try to be concise and the issue can be resolved in the Word document reply and in the scheduled telephone call with screen sharing software if necessary.

4. What if I still have outstanding questions after my Examination Support session?

Firstly, you must be of the mind-set in trading that there will always be questions and that no trader has “all the answers.” You must try to focus on the content of the Video Series specifically to get a high mark in the exam. The Exam is designed to test you on the content of the Video Series and there are no questions in the Exam that are not included in the content of the Video Series. Focus on the main issues and questions that you really want to know the answers to and those that you cannot find answers to yourself in the ways that we have taught you. By focussing on the major and burning questions you have, you will more than likely get all the answers you need within the allotted time slot of a two hour Exam Support session.

Secondly, you must make a distinction between theory, examination and implementation. When it comes to implementation of this content i.e. opening a real live trading account and trying to make real money and consistent returns, this becomes a totally different matter. For this you can apply to become an Institute Trader https://www.itpm.com/trading-accounts/ and become part of the Institute Community. Implementation can also be done via the Institutes Three Month Trader Mentoring Programme in which the Institutes Professional Traders show you how to implement your course material with real money in the financial markets over a three-month period. After this you will continue to implement by yourself https://www.itpm.com/trader-mentoring/

5. How much notice do I need to give the Institute that I want Examination Support prior to taking my exam?

You must apply for your Examination Support no later than 10 days before you intend to take your exam. This is so that we have enough time to get back to you to organise booking the Examination Support and for you to process the Examination Support payment via PayPal. Also, you will need at least a few days to complete your word document with all of your outstanding questions. Christopher Quill will also need at least 5 working days to fill in your word document with the answers to your questions. You will then complete your call with Chris a few days before you intend to take your exam.

6. Does it matter if I take the One Month Access Option or the 12 Month Access Option? Am I eligible for Examination Support regardless of which Option I choose?

With regards to Examinations the difference between the One Month Option and the 12 Month Access Option is that with the One Month Option you must take your exam before the 30-day time limit is up. After 30 days you will not have access to your Video Series or your exam. So please ensure that you apply for your Examination Support at the beginning of week three of your access at the very latest, in order to leave enough time for us to schedule your Examination Support telephone call and for you to digest the information and to take the Examination prior to your 30 day access expiring. With 12 Month Access, you do not have this issue. You can take your Examinations at any time you want within 12 Months and can therefore schedule your Examination Support whenever you want.

7. Does the Institutes Examination Support service cover both the PTM and PFTM Video Series?

No. You cannot sit one Examination Support session for both the PTM and the PFTM Video Series. One Examination Support session equals One Course. So, if you take both the PTM and PFTM Video Series and you want Examination Support from Christopher Quill for both you will need to book an Examination Support session to cover each course. The two-hour time slot allocated for each Examination Support session is designed to cover one course per one student and is the optimal amount of time and resource for the Institute to cover what is necessary and to benefit our students the most, so they get the most out of the service and the highest mark possible in the corresponding examination for each course.

8. What is the price for Examination Support?

The price for Examination Support is $325 USD. You will be invoiced on PayPal prior to your scheduled telephone call and you must settle the payment prior to sending your word document to Christopher Quill. If we have not received your payment before you send this Chris cannot allocate the time to answering your questions.

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