Gregoire Dupont

Senior Trading Mentor

Gregoire has enjoyed a successful 14-year career as a Professional Trader and has gained expertise in a variety of asset classes and regions. After a major in Finance at Nantes Audencia Business School, Gregoire started as a cash equity trader and then as a fund manager for Pierre Charon Gestion and Day Trade Asset Management in Paris.

In 2004, Gregoire joined Griffin Capital Management in London as a European Fund Manager for their long only fund and later on their long/short fund. At its peak, the Griffin Western European Team was managing more than $500mln with Gregoire focusing on a multi-disciplinary systematic approach including fundamentals, technicals, price action trading and correlation hedging.

For the last six years, Gregoire has been a Proprietary Trader in London at Infinity Capital Markets deploying a multi-strategy mandate for his investors and his own multimillion dollar portfolio. Gregoire continues to work full time as a Professional Trader at Infinity Capital and allocates several time slots per week in order to Mentor traders at the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management.

As a Senior Trading Mentor at the Institute, Gregoire focusses on helping Retail Traders globally implement the systematic approach of the Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) Video Series and the Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass with real capital. Gregoire also manages Institute desk funds as part of his Mentoring Programmes.

Gregoires availability for Mentoring Programmes is relatively scarce and usually requires a six to eight week application and waiting list period prior to any programme starting.

Trader Mentoring by Gregoire Dupont – 3 Months Programmes

Your Trader Mentoring Programme with the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management is on an application basis only. Your training will be held directly with either the Managing Partner of the Institute Anton Kreil or with one of our Senior Trading Mentors Christopher Cathey, Jason McDonald, Gregoire Dupont, or Raj Malhotra.

There are only a few spaces made available for the 3 and 6 month Trader Mentoring Programmes per month and programmes must be scheduled at least one month in advance.

In order to apply please fill out the application form below and we will endeavour to get back to you within seven working days.

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